About Vid’s Token Sale test

Thanks for your interest in Vid!

Vid sells tokens every day to people all over the world who believe in our vision. This process has been designed as a ‘5-year sale’ to help us grow our community over time, and to let you take part in our growth by owning VID tokens.

If you like the idea of Vid, this is a perfect way to get involved. You can learn more about our company and vision at our main website: vid.camera

Token Sale Schedule and Details

Our token presale starts on June 15th and runs through the 15th of September.

We’re distributing 1 million tokens per day for 5 years. To buy tokens, you must be in compliance with the laws and regulations related to KYC/AML as a purchaser in your jurisdiction. (We also perform thorough KYC/AML checks on all purchasers as required by law. These are just the rules. We didn’t make them up!)

There is no set price and the price varies daily based on how many people are buying that day.

The hard cap per day is $1,000,000 USD during our presale.

For example, if 10,000 people each invested $100 into Vid tokens on a given day, the total amount invested would be $1,000,000 USD.

The 1,000,000 VID tokens for that day would then be distributed proportionately to each person based on how much they contributed. Since everyone contributed an equal amount in this simplified example, the tokens would be distributed equally.

So, 1,000,000 tokens / 10,000 people = 100 tokens per person.

This would effectively make the token price $1 USD for that 1-day period, because each person invested $100 and got 100 tokens. $100/100 tokens = $1 per token.

There are 5 Billion VID tokens total. Only some of our tokens are being released in this 5 year token sale. We’ll use the rest for other purposes. You can learn more by downloading and reviewing the latest whitepaper from our main website: vid.camera.

Our token sale is unique because it lasts for 5 and a half years from the Vid iOS app launch date (which is currently scheduled for this Summer / Fall.)

Most token sales are done quickly. We are taking the opposite approach because our aim is to build a sustainable company. The value in investing early is that you may theoretically get a better price for your tokens while there are fewer buyers during our early growth stages.

More on Token Price

1,000,000 VID tokens will be distributed daily, 1 hour after the daily token sale completes. The tokens will be distributed amongst all contributors proportionately based on their contribution amounts. This is done automatically, so it’s always verified and secure.

Presale vs Token Sale Differences

During the presale, contributors will receive a 1.25x bonus on any contributions they make. During the presale, there will also be a hard cap of $1mil per day.

During the 5-year token sale, there will be no bonus and no hard cap.

Presale Referral

During the presale, there is a 25% Bonus for referrals. Just share your custom share link with friends and followers to receive a 25% bonus in tokens when they pass KYC/AML and buy tokens for themselves.

As an example, if you share your invite link on social media and 30 of your friends buy 100,000 tokens in total through your link, you would get 25,000 bonus tokens. (25% of 100,000 is 25,000)

Remember, there is no set price per VID token. The token price on any given day will vary depending on the contributions received on that day.


Still want to dig deeper? Here’s another example with variables, for those who like math and equations:


A = Total ETH contributed by a KYC approved buyer

B = Total number of VID tokens available for distribution during the 24hrs (1 million VID tokens per 24hr period)

C = Total ETH contributed by all KYC approved buyers during the 24hr period.

Calculation method for price:

Price per token in ETH = C / B

For example: 10 ETH is contributed by all KYC approved buyers during the 24hrs:

10/1000000 = 0.00001 ETH per token

Calculation method for number of tokens per KYC approved buyer:

Number of tokens distributed per KYC approved buyer = a * (b/c)

For example, if there are only 2 contributors within 24 hours:

Contributor A contributes 9 ETH

Contributor B contributes 1 ETH

The daily tokens will be split equally amongst them:

Contributor A will receive 900,000 VID tokens.

Contributor B will receive 100,000 VID tokens.

VID token contract address: 0x12d7D45A4B9693B312EDE375074a48b9b9F2b6EC