1. Create an ERC-20 compatible wallet (examples: Metamask, Myetherwallet)

2. Send ETH to the wallet you have created

3. Register on 1milperday

4. Get the daily token sale address from 1milperday and send ETH from your wallet to this address.

5. Wait to recieve your tokens in the wallet you sent ETH from, tokens are distributed a few hours after the sale completes

Important points to note

Do not send ETH to the daily sale address directly from an exchange, you will lose your VID tokens

Ensure to send more than 0.2 ETH or you will get an automatic refund


Who can I contact for help?

You can ask for help in the telegram group here

What does current daily price mean?

This is the price that you would pay for tokens today if the sale were to end right now. It is calculated by dividing 1 million tokens by the amount of ETH collected today.

I didn’t receive my Vid tokens?

Vid tokens are automatically distributed to the Eth address you provided 1hr after the 24hr period ends

I am a US citizen why can’t I buy Vid tokens?

For now, due to legal reasons US buyers are not allowed to participate in Vid’s token sale.

I sent Eth from an exchange by mistake have I lost my money?

VID tokens are automatically distributed to the address the ETH was sent from, as long as that wallet address is linked to a KYC approved account on Most likely the exchange wallet address you sent from wasn’t the address you entered when signing up. Therefore the VID tokens will not be distributed to that address and we can likely refund your contribution. Contact us in telegram.

I sent below the minimum of 0.2ETH have I lost my money?

No the amount you contributed will be automatically refunded to you.