VID Token Sale


Still want to dig deeper? Here’s another example with variables, for those who like math and equations:


A = Total ETH contributed by a KYC approved buyer

B = Total number of VID tokens available for distribution during the 24hrs (1 million VID tokens per 24hr period)

C = Total ETH contributed by all KYC approved buyers during the 24hr period.

Calculation method for price:

Price per token in ETH = C / B

For example: 10 ETH is contributed by all KYC approved buyers during the 24hrs:

10/1000000 = 0.00001 ETH per token

Calculation method for number of tokens per KYC approved buyer:

Number of tokens distributed per KYC approved buyer = a * (b/c)

For example, if there are only 2 contributors within 24 hours:

Contributor A contributes 9 ETH

Contributor B contributes 1 ETH

The daily tokens will be split equally amongst them:

Contributor A will receive 900,000 VID tokens.

Contributor B will receive 100,000 VID tokens.

VID token contract address: 0x12d7D45A4B9693B312EDE375074a48b9b9F2b6EC